Tuesday, February 14, 2017

8 Easy And Latest Tips To Optimize Your Content

website content optimization in Dubai 

Writing content for on page and off page SEO has a unique significance and no one can deny its worth in helping the site rank in the search engines. You can attract large web traffic on your site without any advertisement and paid campaigns.

Main features:-

Except the rankings and traffic, that content is considered ideal which has these three features
  1. Reader engaging
  2. Authority building content
  3. Selling products/services 

Latest tips to boost the ranking of the content

Below are some of the main tips and techniques that will not only help you in the above mentioned three factors but will also rank your website on the first page of Google with lots of valuable web traffic.

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Identify your Audience:-

Always know the audience whom you are writing for. The content can never be appealing and worth reading if it is not intended for a particular audience or consumer. Always write content keeping in mind the audience for whom you are writing.


Main headline:-

An ideal tip suggested by search engine optimization Dubai is an eye catching, attractive and well thought out headline is your first victory that sets the basic tone of your content right. Not only it makes a positive first impression but also helps to get your content read.


Facts and figures:-

People really want to read facts and figures. They love lists and numbers. To get your content more popular and visible use facts and figures in your headline and content. Psychologically speaking our brains loves numbers and lists. Try it!



Use subheading with your main headings. H2 and H3 etc not only make your content attractive but they also ease the skimming factor. You can showcase your important points in the subheadings that will make it easier for the readers. Subheadings also describe the content to the search engine.


Avoid difficult terms:-

Write as if you are writing for a 12 year old kid. People don’t like to read difficult texts. Avoid technical terms in most scenarios. Suppose you are an engineer and writing a blog but the readers are not engineers, you keep the readers engaged you have to keep it simple.


Conversational tone:-

It is ideal to write a blog that is written in a conversational tone. The simple it is the better. Use a tone that resonates with the audience. The more people will read your blog the more higher your content will be ranked in the search engines. So try to use conversational tone to them engaged.


No complications:-

Don’t overly complicate your text by using hard words and terminology. Remember you may be a creative person but people have got nothing to do with your creativity. All they want is simple and quick solution for what they want to know.


Write on latest/trending topics:-

Try to cover new, trending and latest topics, stories and happenings as it can improve your SEO ranking tremendously. This will really boost your ranking and increase your readership as people want to be updated with new and latest happenings.