Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Time To Say Hello To Latest Web Development Trends In 2017!

We are already in 2017 and some of use with close focus on the evolving trends in development may have already started feeling vibrant changes. It is time to grab your bucket of chocolates that is sitting in your cupboard and have some. A good idea would be to focus on what’s in and what’s out while making an attempt to be healthy. 

This approach will help you in making life easier for yourself if you are an active performer in the highly poised and competitive markets of UAE. No matter how advanced technology gets, there are some markets that will always be ready to welcome such changes, UAE is one of them. 

Web Development UAE

The world of web development UAE is blessed with a blend that comprises talents from all over the world which makes it easy to adapt advancements accordingly. Let’s have look into the makeshifts that have already taken place and those that may in the process of doing so:


Decoupled (Headless) CMSs:

It could be one of the highly innovative concepts to web development process throughout and beyond 2017. Decoupling the content management system from the front end perspective helps in removing the ties associated with the view framework that is provided inside conventional frameworks. This is done simply by offering the content information through a RESTful API. 

This information or data is obtainable everywhere and may be linked with any front-end development process enabling never ending possibilities. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with this ideology which will be discussed in some other blog as the core focus in this piece of writing is on the makeshifts that are taking place in the domain of development.

Time to say farewell to the hamburger menus:

One may have noticed the menus that are available within mobile designs known as hamburger because of parallel lines that reside on one another and gives the look of a hamburger. This style has been around for quite some time now; it can be classified as useable but not a fully perfect solution to be honest. 

Expert programmers and developers classify it a complex item that is not easily discoverable by all the users, especially those that are not very comfortable while dealing with computers and internet. Experimentation therefore is expected to boost up during 2017 so as to see if novel and innovative methods can be introduced that may take over the proceedings from the hamburger menus.


Swerve from the grid:

Grid has been used in front end development for years and it has been up to the task and expectations all that time. Experts however are of the view that changes have started to take place and soon we may see approaches that are different in nature. Deviation in the world of building blocks of a website or its core elements may be upgraded or replaced with newer versions so as to ensure that services and features section of a website becomes further prominent.


Embrace Yarn

During the past couple of years or so, developers have become very much reliant on packaging managers in order to keep their dev based dependencies within the threshold. NPM and Bower are two good examples that can be used here, however they have some flaws associated with them such as single registries, nested dependencies and no offline availability. 

Enter Yarn is yet another example that can be used here, it was developed by Facebook in associated with Google and some others, Yarn utilizes both the NPM and Bower registries to source packages however critically offers a plain reliance framework offering one with priceless disk space availability. It also helps one in offline installations with the help of package caching plus parallel setups, i.e. if a package does not response, it won’t cause delays or stoppages in the entire installation process.


Say Hello to novel CSS features:

2017 will be backed strongly with some appealing and novel CCS features added into users’ browsers. Variables associated with CSS appear to be a good addition. Varying slightly in nature that can be defined in PostCSS and SCSS as they are the pre-processors, the variables associated with CSS can be altered ‘on-the-fly’ by using the feature of automatic browser repainting after the values have been altered. 

A good example here would be an altering in color at a breakpoint of media query. Variables associated with CCS may in addition be changed, tweaked and accessed in JS as well differently from the variables that are defined in pre-processed CSS.

The concluding phases of 2017 may see the initiation of grid based layouts with an intention to make things smoother for the forthcoming updates for Firefox and Chrome. This layout is stunning in nature as it will change the ways upside down in which developers build website and web pages. 

CSS originally evolved from tables for the sake of a smooth layout, it enabled developers to get the block elements inline however developers never took it as a complete solution. Developers now can carry out complex tasks with the help of Grid layout as it has been designed particularly to address such tasks in an efficient and development friendly manner.


Farewell to JQuery?

JQuery is great and have been a useful resource, but is it really time to say farewell to it? With the passage of time and influx of new arrivals JQuery may also be outdone by the new JS standard that is ES2016 in association with backwards compatibility tools for example Babel, several of the tools offered by JQuery are not required always as they can be written using Vanilla JS with ease. 

There are further advancements coming our way in ES2017 for example improved asynchronous function code that appear to be a further feasible alternative to syntax devoid of the supplementary overhead of JQuery library.

No matter what the trends are like, being an operator in complex markets, you will need to stay on top of all the website related aspects. To ensure that you maintain a strong grip, you will need to look for a web development UAE based company that can provide with solutions that are in line with the latest technological trends and fits well with the local markets’ culture as that will enable your website to settle well and make an appealing impression right from the word go.