History Of Web Development And Design At A Glance!

Many people may have no idea about the different phases that this industry had to go through before simplifying the things for us up to this stage. 

Web Development Dubai

For those that are operating in fast and dynamic markets like Dubai, this piece of writing may prove to be a good resource as they will have a little bit of everything in their plate as far as the information is concerned. Trends in the region of web development Dubai excel very fast because of the highly adoptive nature of markets here and it is this nature that offers thousands of opportunities to every business each day. Let’s pop in to the world of changes and see what we come up with:

1990 – HTML

This was the year when first ever mark-up language was born. It allowed the fundamental building blocks for web pages.

1991 – Tim Berners – Lee

 Tim was the guy who launched the first ever website using HTML that year.

1992 - <Table>

Table-based website design was launched and it was all set up and ready to take over the world of www.

1993 – Amplified Numbers of Internet Users

During this year, the total number of website reached 600 and the Internet users were about 10 Million.

1994 – W3C Launched

The world of WWW consortium has been recognized. Objectives, standards and frameworks for the prospect Web design and usage have been defined.

1995 to 1996 – Animation comes in

Life is added to websites through Flash and Java based animations.

1996 – CSS And Frames

W3C introduces the very first version of CSS, the idea was to improve web accessibility plus make HTML code semantic rather than leaving it on the same presentational track.

In the same year Frames got popular and enable the end users to display 2 or more than 2 media elements or web pages simultaneously next to one another within the same browser.

1998 – PHP

This was the year when PHP 3 hit the real world and helped in paving ways for the era of dynamic websites.

1999 – CSS 3 and Fast growing users

Back in that year, CSS3 was launched with new features and functionalities that shaped things upside down in the world of web development and design. The threshold of Internet users touched 2.2 Million for the first time that year.

2003 – Audience growth continues, Web 2.0 Joins in

Huge growth in audience, i.e. numbers of Internet users reach 782 Million, what’s more, the age of user based information is launched by Web 2.0. The command is taken over by platforms like, social media, blogs, articles and Wikis.

2008 – We are in the world of “Hello” and Open Source joins the race

Yup, Mobile web took over by attracting more people to access the Internet with the help of their mobile phones, the significance of desktop starting to become lesser since then. Popularity also blessed Open Source, i.e. ready to use application software from then onwards.

2010 – Plus, plus users and HTML5 Hits the markets

Internet users continued to multiply and reached 2 Billion in 2010 and in the same year HTML5 was launched that help the design and development world a great deal, it also become all-time favourite due to its features that were well in favour or SEO practices.

2015– Parallax, Responsive and Do it yourself trends are ruling

One pager websites rocked in markets for businesses, responsive of course was and is a must thing to have. Online apps that enable one to develop their own site using the plug and play approach also were in the spotlight.

Today – Artificial Intelligence (IA) and Internet of Things (IoT) are on the hot seat

Yes and there is more to come, because the world of information technology never stops evolving, does it? We are in an era where real time effects are being used in movies to give the audience with best experience, the world of web development is slowly but gradually adopting these changes and soon they will become a norm.

Long Story Short

If you are living and performing in the merciless and tough markets of Dubai as a dynamic and hardworking entrepreneur, you definitely would have known the significance of appealing presence online and offline here in these markets. You may be doing well already in the domain of physical practices, the idea and area of core focus now shall be your business presence online, if it is missing out on strong aura then you might as well start looking for a stunning Web development Dubai based company that can put things back on track for you before it’s too late.

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