Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Social Media Latest Trends for 2017 And 2018

Social media is changing its dimensions rapidly with the passage of time; in Dubai the case is not different at all. It brings news, trends and best practices around social and digital marketing networks. It will have a big impact on year 2017 and also 2018. 

Following are the big social media trends that will dominate your way throughout the year.

Social Media Latest Trends

Social communication:

This term is also known as social networking, not to confuse with social networks. This is a strange fact to many that the big networks like FaceBook, twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have less users than messaging apps together like WhatsApp, FaceBook messenger, Viber and WeChat. 

A lion share of millennial using over-the-top (OTT) messaging and SMS messaging i.e 62 percent and this will expand to two billion users by 2018. Experts believe that trends in social media Dubai zone are also going to accelerate and move to the next levels as they already are very dynamic in nature.

Social Communication

Capping the fake news:

People nowadays use internet as their main source to follow the news instead of TV, newspaper or radio. But there is a high risk of fake news from such sites that publish and circulate information about current events. 

The worst form is witnessed in USA presidential election 2016 in which fake news about all candidates were shared across FaceBook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms. 

Germany an important country in Europe already considered legislation of punishing social media sites that let fake new to be spread. People want to have the verified and true news so that they can trust these sites or platforms.

Capping the fake news

Veritable content:

YouTube was intended to be used as a medium to capture real moments and publish them for others as well. Now social media is taking this to next level by offering the content in real-time. 

Live video streaming couldn’t be made popular if it wasn’t for twitter periscope, now Facebook follow this feature also. Video format is most popular and engaging content than any other format on social media, so the trends of social media is changing thanks to live videos.

Veritable Content

Enhanced reality: 

Augmented/Enhanced reality firstly introduced by Snapchat selfie lenses into social sphere then pokemon go takes it to a next level. So it is highly likely that other social media platforms like FaceBook are going to experiment with such nice feature. 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg already confirmed this. Augmented reality actually is an old technology and thanks to social media it went viral.

Augmented or Enhanced Reality

Talkbots :

They are also known as chat bots. These are sort of artificial intelligence that can have conversation with someone. Facebook took it to the new level by integrating it with Facebook messenger, business also follow them and using it to communicate with clients. 

This is the mean of having chats quickly with customers and answering the queries in no time. They also help people to complete a transaction as well. Therefore social media Dubai companies have follow this latest trend to conduct all their client's customer relations professionally.


If you are operating in Dubai and are keen to explore and rule such markets to the fullest then you must revise your social media presence and follow these trends to ensure that you have a re-marketed reputation in the social media platforms. 

This will help your business to create a strong brand image and impact on the local and international markets within no time.