Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Web Design: Some Interesting Facts!

Simple goals can become simpler if one is on top of all the business related tasks. Especially when the markets are highly dynamic and elite in nature, Dubai markets can be classified as a good example. 

I have jotted down some of the very basic points today that are normally over looked by entrepreneurs and designers even in such complex and demanding situations without realizing that these points can make or break the future success of a business. 

To ensure that one stays on top of these basic ingredients and factors, one must select the best from the available lot in web designing companies in Dubai

Web Design Facts
Web Design Facts

Search Engine friendly website

Experts are of the view that designers will require building websites that are compatible; this is a must - must thing because major search engines control 90% of the modern day internet traffic.

Do you think people are keen?

The simple answer is no they are not, because one cannot drag their attention with the help of cartoon and drawn images, the demand for live images is always going to be on the higher side than the one that is produced through artwork.

User today is short of time!

Average time expected for page load by a user is 4 to 10 second, anything longer then that will be curtains for a website. Optimize the load time to stay alive online!

Accessibility, ensure it.

A good design will help a website to load and perform well. Navigating through it by the users is always going to be treated as a fun thing by them. The demands for such appealing and responsive sites have elevated further as the latest trends are more towards mobile and smart devices.

Reader Accessibility:

18% of users require help from the design and this makes it critical for designers to come up with end products that are in line with such requirements. For example, if there is a media file on the website, the icon designed for it shall demote to media and should make things easier for the user to understand.

Boundaries for Pages:

Designers are now the one to decide how big or small a page should be. Smart applications and devices has pushed the idea of website page boundaries obsolete, i.e. there are no fix standards and it may vary as per the designers work or clients needs.

Front end development:

70% of professional designers heavily rely on HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JS etc. while carrying out the task of coding for design.


To be honest, despite the aura of Safari browser by Apple, Chrome, Edge and Internet explorer by Microsoft, the votes are on the higher side for Mozilla Firefox. It is classified as the number one browser that is highly preferred by users and professional designers. Experts stresses on the fact that this factor cannot be separated from the fact that it has got a strong connection with the design.

What about the cost?

Web designing companies may charge you somewhere around USD 500/- to USD 5000+ depending mainly on the type of business, your design needs and other associated needs that you may have. 

No matter what, a good approach here would be to ensure that you stay on top of the designers from start to finish and ensure that you are involved in each and every phase, i.e. from wire-framing to the responsive code. 

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