Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Latest Website Trends To Follow For Your Startup

Dubai Website Design 

Just like other technologies, web designing is considered as the ‘always changing’ process. As technology changes, we see some improvements. You must know what the latest trends in website designing are.

Some of the new website design trends are given below:

Latest Website Design Trends:

1. Micro interactions:

Micro interactions are basically small product movements that move around a single use case. These small animations have a great effect as they don’t distract people from website. Despite their small size, a website will look boring without them.


2. Gradients:

Gradients have made a comeback after many years. They have become more bold, big and colorful. These are mostly used on photos. It’s a good idea to make your dull photo interesting with these gradients. You can also use a gradient as your website’s background.


3. Video with Sound:

Users are now more used to videos than ever before. Many Dubai website design companies are using short videos with sound, to capture user’s attraction. It is recommended that your video must have an option of “mute” and must be in accordance with the written content. 


4. Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality is going to be big this year as it reaching into different apps and marketing as well. You don’t require a headset for VR experience; you need to be ready for it. 360 videos are great examples of virtual reality as it involves three-dimensional effects.


5. Parallax scrolling:

Parallax scrolling is basically the slow movement of background to the foreground by creating a 3D effect when you scroll the page. The advent of this scrolling has bettered the creative quality of different websites. People will pay attention moving objects on the website.

When you are scrolling down the page, you will not take notice of every single detail, except the animations and moving things. This feature is both entertaining and appealing. Experts are of the view that this trend will never fade away.


6. Simple Homepages:

Designers are now making simple homepages as they are considered best to convey your message to the user. Homepages nowadays only show a word or two. People are using more mobile devices, if you provide a lot of information on homepage, they will leave your website.

7. Wearables Influence the internet:

If you post wearable picture on your website, for example those of watches, it will definitely attract the potential users. This trend will change the overall look of mobile apps; we might see minimal styles and typography. This wearable trend is expected to grow in future.



The above-written points give you an idea about the latest web design trends that you must follow for your website. Make your website according to the latest techniques. Well, the key is to get advice from reputed website design company and look for better options in this sector.