Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid Making


If you haven’t made business website, it means you are practically extinct. The website increase the online presence of any company. Results showed that most business owners make lot of web design mistakes. Some of these mistakes are given as follows:

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Common web design mistakes to avoid:

Complicated websites:

Make your websites simple and beautiful, so that more users stick to your website. Avoid changing color schemes, layouts, and sidebar options on each page of website. To make website simple, leave plenty of white-space around your design elements.


Hiring company:

Every businessman wants to make online presence as early as possible. It is a fact that each web design company is different from other. It is better to research on the internet and finds the best one. Before selecting any of the web design companies in Dubai, check their portfolio as well.


One page website:

The basic purpose of making your website is to show people your online presence. When user searches for your company, he wants to know your history, the members behind your company and other related information.

When user looks for product or any information on the internet, he uses keywords to search for the specific query. You must include a blog that contains all information about your company. You can also work on link building to increase your website ranking.


Website for all devices:

Ten years ago, people use personal computers to access different websites. Now, they are using different devices like tablets and smartphones to access internet. Make your website available for different platforms.


Bad navigation:

Navigation between your website must be flawless. It means people should be able to find their way around without any difficulty. There is no defined pattern for navigation within a website. It is very vital to understand that navigation must be consistent and intuitive.

When you use text as navigation, make sure that it is concise. Visual metaphors should not be re-invented. If you use hyperlinks, they should start out from text of your body. There is no place for dead links on any web-page. This will waste user’s time and create confusion.



Make your navigation better by making use of textual description for all links. Use alt text description techniques for JavaScript or flash links. Structure and organize your navigation with theme of your company’s website. Personal websites require more clarity and efficiency.



Given are some of the common web design mistakes that you should avoid while designing your web page. For professional work, you may hire one of the best web design companies, as they have years of experience. You can also find these firms by searching on internet.

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