Monday, May 1, 2017

SEO Predictions Of The Experts For 2017

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Every now and then experts keep on predicting about the trends of every field for the next year or so. Search engine optimization is no different as experts have keen eye on the trends of it for 2017.  Here are some of these,

Voice search, artificial intelligence:-

According to Will Critchlow, CEO/ founder of distilled says that machine learning will still be thriving in the year 2017, both invisibly and visibly. Progress in the functions like image recognition and lip reading has increased enormously which was difficult for humans in the past. 

Google is reducing the amount of some crazy projects due to the fact that Sundar Pichai is planning to double on its machine learning/artificial intelligence for the future and discarding all those that don’t fit in well according to the vision. 

Due to the explosion in the machine learning, what feature that will improve and thrive is the voice search, and this trend of SEO in Dubai is showing a lot of promise for 2017 and years to come. 


AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages):-

As Ruth Attwood, senior SEO consultant 4Ps Marketing gives his views about the accelerated mobile pages saying that AMP has not yet reached its peak and it still has the capacity to grow more before it vanishes in the time.
Google is banking on it really hard and it just seems to be a matter of time before we are going to see it in eCommerce sites performing to its fullest.
According to Ruth “it will be worth seeing when mobile first indexing gets to unveil despite of the claims made by Google that they are looking for “low delta”, I feel big changes in the visibility of non-responsive sites if they don’t sync their markup and content. 


Growth of mobile and semantics:-

According Max Hollaway, who is the executive search manager at the Pi Datametrics, 2017 may be or surely can be the year of mobile as it has already showed its dominance against the desktop having higher search volume. 
SEO is definitely going to see a thrust toward the mobile first index and mobile first design which is targeted at semantics.
Max stated that they did an experiment which involved 2.8 million searches and these search results showed that 35 percent of pages contained a keyword ranking like “shoe stores” and its semantic cousin or the related on “how can I buy best shoes online” within 20 positions of each other. 

Above findings show that lots of work needs to be done by search marketers of optimizing the content for semantic strings and for search engines in enhancing the understanding of the user input. This is to make sure that users have access to the best content.


Procurement change:-

Andrew Girdwood who is the head of media technology at Signal feels that there will be access of experts of SEO Dubai based who will raise their hands and claim that hey “look my projects and track record speaks of my expertise so I and my company can manage the algorithm changes”.
It means that when it comes to the pitches of search engine optimization, some focus of the obtaining the services may be head towards creative ability, delivery techniques, access to technology, etc.


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