Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Create a Perfect Logo for Your Brand?

In the year, 2014 a boom in the web and logo design has been observed, where companies used a unique way to promote their brand on the Internet using innovative logos. Over the years, all of us have realized the power of the Internet and we have a clear idea how it can facilitate in spreading your word.

What is a Brand?

Brand is a broader term usually covers all the important characteristic of an enterprise – so, it’s more than simply logos and brand name. A brand is a combination of different strong elements which needs to be structured according to client’s demands and structure needs of an enterprise. 

In short, for an enterprise it is a must that it should learn to live its own brand if it wants to make a unique existence in the competitive markets of Dubai and UAE.
  Brands are more than just logo as they hold complete identity of a business and thus need extra care to be presented. However, logos can be the first thing through which a brand interacts with its customers. 

However, many entrepreneurs still think that logos are the prime thing for the success of their brand and in these they giggle many important things with their logo design – here are some important things to avoid must.

Wrong selection of colors, font and images:

Most of the time clients come up with an idea where he/she wants to utilize certain character, color shade or even font as the true representation of their brand – however, things in mind and or paper are pretty much different than the actual digital picture.

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However, it is the logo designer job to analyze the idea when it is implemented in 2D or 3D, adding monochrome color scheme or use it in print of digital media. Everything should be analyzed and discussed with the client to end any late argue in a final logo.

Counting on several other elements:

The logo design must be precised from planning to execution as it is expected in this way from a logo design company. A good logo must have a capability to speak to everyone and that is why it is really important to focus on the right direction from day one.

The logo configuration ought to be as exact as could reasonably be expected. It ought to have the strength to say everything while being smaller. A vivid logo may win the consideration of numerous onlookers, however, may eclipse the message that the organization needs to pass on.

If the design of the logo that is used as a representation of the brand goes wrong with some blunders as mentioned above, then the entire name and image of the brand is in the vein. Thus, trust less in the logo and work more on the quality.

There is one very important factor and that is staying in the outline which has been discussed with the client to avoid any further debate on desired logo. 

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