Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mobile Application vs Mobile Website - Which One Is Better?

Mobile Application vs Mobile Website 

A mobile application is purely designed and developed to be used on a mobile. It provides user with a quick access to the related features which are associated with a particular app. 

In this era, the mobile trend has increased the value and significance of the applications also. It has just revolutionized each and everything around the world and made our lives easy.  

A mobile website is purely deigned to give user a better user interface on his cell. As we know that over the period of the last couple of decades, the mobile trend has just changed each and everything. So due to the overuse and our dependency on it, it became really important to make the websites mobile friendly

So the mobile websites and mobile app development Dubai had just changed each and everything. 

Qualities of Pure Mobile Websites:

  • They can be accessed through any type of browser. 
  • They have the static and navigational user interface. 
  • Their features are somewhat limited. 
  • For connectivity, they need an internet connection. 
  • Their speed is very fast, can easily be accessed within seconds. 
  • The development cost of these sites is also affordable. 
  • You don’t need an app store account to launch them, just a domain and hosting is more than enough. 
  • There is no as such approval process involved, you can simply design and develop any kind of website and launch it even if it has bugs.

Qualities of Pure Mobile Applications:

  • To access them, first you need to install them on your mobile. 
  • The user interface of the Apps is interactive. 
  • You can also access most of the applications without internet connection, though there are some which need connectivity. 
  • Apps can utilize the extra features of your phone. Such as, camera, location, contacts, etc. 
  • Their speed is also very fast, they can be opened within seconds. 
  • Their development cost is expensive though. 
  • You need to have an App store account to launch them. If you are a user, even then you need an account on App store. 
  • They are launched after complete inspection, once they are approved then they are available for the users to download and use it.

These are the different qualities which Mobile Websites and mobile app development possesses. Both have some common benefits and qualities, but some are those which differs. The usefulness of both of them regarding each of their perspectives cannot be denied. 

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