Saturday, April 1, 2017

Why Ruby On Rail Is Getting So Popular?

In a shorter form Ruby on Rails is also called “ROR”. It is an Object Oriented programming language which is really popular these days. It focuses on simplicity to ensure gaining more productivity by making less effort. 

In 2005, it was introduced by Yukihiro Matsumoto from Japan. It made a great reputation all around the world in a very short period of time and has been adopted by many developers.

Ruby on Rails Program

Features of Ruby on Rails:

There are many reasons behind the popularity of the ruby on rails Dubai as compared to all other programing languages. Let’s discuss these features in detail.


1. Open Source:

The first and really awesome feature of this programming language is, it’s an open source language. It is completely free to use, one can modify the code and share it with others for their convenience.


2. Library Support:

The library support of ruby on rails is very rich and diverse. So it makes it really easy for the developers to optimize the code.

3. High Level Programming Language:

Ruby on rails is a high level programming language, the strong abstraction of computer is used in it. The syntax is more like natural programming language, that’s why it is really easy to understand.

4. Cost Efficiency:

It is a free programming language so that simply doesn’t put any burden on your pocket at all.


5. Community Support:

The community support of this programming language is very vast and active. This makes the code sharing and its improvising possible for the developers.


Advantages of Ruby on Rails:

The ROR is typically based on MVC (Model View Controller), COC (Convention over Configuration) and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself). That’s why ruby on rails has following benefits which makes it so popular among the web developers.


a. High Flexibility:

The flexibility of this programming language is way more than anyone else. It makes it easy for the developers to modify and create any applications according to the requirement of a client.


b. High Development Speed:

The development speed of this language is really high. You are not forced to code the same code repetitively again and again.


c. Agile Development:

Ruby on rails highly supports agile from programming language to actual development. So that enables the developers to complete projects in a very short time span.


d. Supports Multiple Platforms:

The ruby on rails supports all kinds of operating supports which is a very awesome advantage.

All the features and advantages mentioned above make the ruby on rails a best option for the developers. Its code is easy to modify and in a very short time span huge developments could be done easily.